Yongyang is a complete Solar Energy solution service provider, ranging from custom design, financing, installation, system monitoring and maintenance. We understand the solar industry and we build solar energy system of any sizes for the needs of businesses, industrial factories, communities, schools and public organizations.

Our Clients

Customer Success Stories

Panasonic Produces Solar Panel with Solar Energy

Solar Project on Industrial Factory
Panasonic Solar Factory with Solar Systems

Location: Kulim, Kedah

System Size: 1.3 MW

Installation Type: Rooftop, Ground Mounted

Estimated 25 Year Savings: RM 18 Million

Value Proposition: GoGreen initiatives, Reduce Electricity Bill, Enjoy Government Green Energy Incentives

Plastic Factory Warehouse Drive Sustainable Savings with Solar

Plastic Factory Warehouse Solar BIPV Roof
Penang Plastic Factory Warehouse with BIPV Roof

Location: Bukit Tengah, Penang

System Size: 72 kW

Installation Type: Building Integrated PV (BIPV) 

Estimated 25 Year Savings: RM 1.2 Million

Value Proposition: Reduce Electricity Bill, Enjoy Government Green Energy Incentives

Favorite Starbucks Coffee Chain GoGreen with Solar

Starbucks Solar Energy Rooftop
Starbucks Solar Energy Rooftop

Location: Tanjung Tokong, Penang

System Size: 6 kW

Installation Type: Rooftop 

Estimated 25 Year Savings: RM 110k 

Value Proposition: GoGreen initiatives, CSR Program


Government Building Turning Sunshine into Service

MBPP Relau Sports Complex Rooftop with Solar PV
Government Sports Complex with Rooftop Solar

Location: Relau, Penang

System Size: 40 kW

Installation Type: Rooftop

Estimated 25 Year Savings: RM 700k

Value Proposition: GoGreen initiatives, Reduce Electricity Bill

Solar Powered School Building Making Study a Sunnier Place

School at Ipoh Perak using Solar Roof PV System
School at Ipoh Perak using Solar Roof PV System

Location: Ipoh, Perak

System Size: 12 kW

Installation Type: Rooftop

Estimated 25 Year Savings: RM 200k

Value Proposition: GoGreen initiatives, Reduce Electricity Bill, CSR Program

Our Solar Financing Solutions

Yongyang believes that financing for Green Renewable Energy solutions should be simple and flexible. We work with financing institutions and leading solar companies across the nation to offer financing for solar energy system. Our range of solar solutions will suit your business budget and financial situation.

Solar Installer Cost Buy Outright

Solar Purchase Outright

Solar Installer Cost Financing Plan

Solar Finance

Solar Installer Cost Leasing Plan

Solar Lease

Industry-leading Solar and Battery Storage

Our partners are world top solar manufacturers, using industry-leading solar panel, inverter and battery storage systems that provide you with greater choice, better design, and more valuethe path to achieving your organization’s clean energy future.

Customized & Precision-engineered Design

Our engineers conduct thorough onsite audit, understand the engineering design requirement, perform solar irradiation simulation before Solar installation. Our solar system can be configured in a rooftop, ground, or carport installation.

With Yongyang >30 years experience in Roofing solution, each component is precision-engineered for safe installation, long-term reliability and impressive returns.

We Design Energy for your Business Growth

Yongyang understands the need for your business to stay competitive. Our design will substantially reduce your electric bill and thus business operating cost. We will show you how solar can assist you to stay ahead of the competition.

Solar power is a clean, sustainable and eco-friendly energy source that will significantly improve your brand image and reputation.

Holistic Support

We have an intimate knowledge of Malaysia green energy policy, national solar incentives, and diverse financing options — and solar experts that can help you to get the most from each.

Connect with us to find out how we could partner together in this Green journey.

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