By now, you probably heard of the enhanced Solar Net Engineering Meter (NEM) launched in 2019 January. In this article published by Malaysiakini, the author talks about why you should start adopting Solar Panels now rather than later. We summarize a few key points for your perusal.
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Solar Panel for Roof Top
  1. Many Malaysians want to install rooftop solar panels for electricity generation to reduce their electricity bill and carbon footprints, but an information deficit is stopping them. You can reach out to us at Yongyang for more details. We provide free consultation.
  2. The government must commit to reducing grid-based electricity by half before 2025 through energy efficiency and rooftop solar panels on their buildings.
  3. Under NEM, homes with solar panels can store electricity generated during the day and withdraw the electricity at night.
  4. Home owners can change their daily habits by switching off lights, unplugging unused electrical sockets, etc. Good habits could help lower electrical bills, thus requiring smaller solar PV kW size panels installation.

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